By Anne

I remember the day as clearly as it was yesterday. I just finished picking up a twenty piece and a pill to get my fix on. No, I wasn’t dope sick but just wanted to get higher. So, I leave the Shephards of Good Hope and head for the park just down the street, knowing that it will be silent because of the time of day with no prying eyes to watch me get my fix ready. About half way to the park I hear someone (a man) singing a Native song. All the stars were out that night and was perfect to sit in the park and enjoy the pleasure of the warmth that goes through your body as soon as the drugs get into your blood stream. I was drawn to this music. Hiya ho hay ya ho. As I come to the middle of the park – it’s Chief. A Native brother that I adopted. I ask him if I can sit. He says yes and continues to sing. I told him that warmed my heart ’cause I hadn’t heard anyone sing in a long time. As I got my fix all fixed up, he turned to me and started telling me about his family back home and that he was singing to the grandfathers to ask how he will ever be able to let them know. I asked “know what”? “I have HIV, sister” he told me. “as you are my family, I was able to tell you that I have HIV. I’ve been wanting to tell my family for many years”. I hugged him and told him that I, too, have HIV, “I am in the same boat as you are. Do you still accept me for who I am and not what I’ve got”? We both cried in eachothers arms. That’s when I knew that I’d be strong enough to disclose to my real family when the time arose. It also made me stronger to be able to talk about it today. Thank you, Chief.

Much love. XOXO,

Your sister, now and always – Bubbles.


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