HIV Edmonton

HIV Edmonton was founded out of desperation by Michael Phair and a group of close friends as, in 1984, Edmonton braced for its own AIDS outbreak. Originally called the AIDS Network of Edmonton, HIV Edmonton changed its name to better reflect the advancements in the area of HIV and AIDS in 1999. HIV Edmonton is a harm reduction agency, working to provide the best education and prevention methods to a wide variety of audiences.


HIV Edmonton’s long-term vision is:

– Zero new HIV infections

– Zero stigma and discrimination

– Zero AIDS-related deaths


We do this by focusing on the elimination of HIV transmission and AIDS-related deaths and working to erase the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS.

HIV Edmonton supports people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS by: developing educational resources for community organizations, healthcare professionals and the general public; developing and delivering prevention, health promotion and support programs; and  providing a voice for people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS through our work with local, provincial and national organizations on policy development, health strategy and program design.

We are a charitable organization serving people and communities primarily in metropolitan Edmonton.  Our strength is our staff and volunteers who are subject matter experts in the prevention, management and treatment of HIV and AIDS.


At HIV Edmonton:

  • We strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for all who use our services.
  • We appreciate and celebrate diversity in all its dimensions.
  • We are compassionate in all that we do.
  • We demonstrate respect for each other, our volunteers, clients, service partners and health care professionals and recognize that success is achieved through collaboration.
  • We protect the dignity and confidentiality of our clients.
  • We are honest, trustworthy and act with integrity.
  • We honour the generosity of others through responsible and efficient use of our resources.
  • We are transparent with respect to decision making.
  • We strive for continuous improvement in fulfilling our mission.
  • We encourage and support a healthy work/life balance for our staff.



4 thoughts on “HIV Edmonton

  1. Keven Kanten says:

    I hope the 30 faces of HIV will include a profile of First Nations man, Kenneth Ward who was the first Aboriginal man to go public in the late 80’s early 90’s having HIV. He was been an inspiration for many people and I believe he is still living and encouraging people with HIV and other men’s healing efforts within the Aboriginal community of Canada. If HIV Edmonton isn’t familiar with this man, then search the website for his name as he was also a columnist contributor sharing his experience as a man with HIV when so little was known about the disease.


  2. Jodie Webb says:

    Looking forward to promoting Zero campaign for HIV!

    My non-profit is dedicated to children all over the world with HIV/AIDS.


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